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Welcome to! I recently decided to translate this website to English, so everybody can enjoy my thoughts about solo-boardgames! Isn’t that great! And the best thing is: my English is not…that good! But it gets even better! I am a working family-man, so this will take aaaaaaages!! Yay!

The truth is: I just love boardgames very much and I think it would be fantastic to get in touch with the community on a more global scale (apart from that – despite being German – I am a HUGE fan of ameritrashy games…).

So after these few words of introduction, for those of you who haven’t left the site already: I’d be very greatful for pointing out odd expressions and mistakes to me. I know the site just now is not very professionally made. I will try to make things better over time. Contact me under

You can also use the contact-template here. Hope you enjoy the reviews!

Cheers, Otto